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Time is money? it certainly is an important factor in your business from strategical planning to operational scheduling.
Latin: scheda - sheet of paper
schedula - small piece of paper.

What can we do for you?

Since 1993 we create scheduling applications that use smart software technologies for several industries. Smart schedules are optimized schedules taking into account certain business constraints and are usually optimized on minimal costs, maximum use of resources and optimal financial gain. All our applications are highly visual and use cutting edge technologies from the field of Artificial Intelligence. Applications run on Windows platforms in stand-alone or networked multi-user configurations.

Our proprietary software products are complete solutions adapted for a specific industry or industry segment. Unlike other software providers who may offer general purpose software or software components for integration. Our products can usually be implemented within your organization in a very short time span. No need to plan for a long introduction path, we offer a short learning curve and no open-ended financial commitments.

We have over the years build up an international client base and now have clients in several industries and in thirteen countries worldwide.

We have a series of ready made products that can be deployed within your organisation in a short time period and we have experience in different industries where we have created custom solutions tailored to specific clients.